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Jeez, no news on this site for days. Wanna know why? Well HAHA, I am going to tell you anyway, I am really busy on vacation, I am sitting here at a Cyber cafe, working my butt of.... Well not really ^_^ Sorry people, it will be about a week before anything happens to this site, mostly because I am not at my computer :-(

and when I get back, I will be moving this to Angelfire, because I think they allow Perl and Cgi files, and fortunecity doesn't..... wanna know why??


so see you all in about a week or so.


Wow, I came onto my site today to notice the evil that struck because of that damned Verge Mailer, I don't know if I am the only one that noticed it, but there is like 20 pop-ups all together because of it.... And being the purist that I am, I took it down, I am not a Warez Site, you don't have to vote for me, or click my sponsors (even when I ask you to) you really don't have to do anything except post on my message board and vote on the poll, and download the stuff on this site.... Thats it.... So I took down the Verge mailer, if you want to join it, then email me (karmacult), I wil put you in the mailer.

If those pop-ups continue for any of you, please tell me, I hate pop-ups (that are not mine) more then banners.

Oh and thank you whoever you are that did the poll ^_^ now I have to prove you wrong (all in sport of course, no hard feelings)


Darn, it is 8 minutes past midnight, I was sorta hoping to get 3 updates in one day ^_^ but oh well. As you can see, there is a semi large 'mailer' above the news.... The is what this update is all about, it is "The Silo1 Verge Mailer" it is my digest of verge, it will either be weekly, or bi-weekly, it sorta depends on how fast the news goes that week ^_^ It will have everything that I can shuve into it, it will have:

ideas behind the newer versions of the Verge engine,

when they will be released, and who the Dev team behind it is.

The release dates of Verge games (in all platforms) with reviews and scores.

behind the sceens type stuff like what is the future of Verge, and what are all those Verge programmers upto?

And Help, plus answers to any questions I recieve.

it will be mostly for newbies, but I would like to see some of the 'teachers' of Verge also there, because alot of this news would be nothing without you. and if I get something mixed up, I would like you to tell me.... instead of miss-informing abunch of people.

PLEASE sign up, even if you are not really even into Verge at all, I get revenue from people joining the Announcement services which are provided by Listpower. They don't spam you (trust me, I have been a member before) and they give you only 'topic' based banners... Another words you wont get a banner for some Kids show on a Verge mailing list, you would recieve only computer programming banners, and you would also be recieving the "Silo1 Verge Mailer" ^_^ Sign up!

11/5/2000 (Again):

Ok, I just uploaded the links, and I finished the Verge engine section, it is complete.... I think ^_^ The link section is of course operated by Bravenet, as it is the only easy to maintain link section that I can put up with for the time being ^_^ I hope I get some links added to it real soon.... That is up to you guys mostly, Like serious, if you have a Verge Site, then goto the link section and fill out the form, and it will be added.


Ok, wow, I have been busy today, I started a WebRing called "The V.R.W.S. SiteRing" I know it sorta sounds lame, but it stands for "The Verge Resource Web Site SiteRing" and I doubt it will become very popular with the webmasters of Verge, because I am a very brutal Ring Keeper, I will check your site one or two times a week for updates.... Or atleast a sign of life, and you must keep its interface as user friendly as you can, if a site on the SiteRing fails at this, I will email them, if they do email me back, I will give them two more chances, if they fail 2 more times, they are off the SiteRing (unless they are a non-news site, in which case, I will check their forums, or their files for updates) and if I don't recieve an email, they will be removed from the SiteRing untill I recieve one.

The V.R.W.S. will be the stop for alot of newbies (I hope) and so I will try to weed out all the regular verge sites, and just keep the best of the best. And if I ever fail at doing my job acouple time, I will be equally hard on me, and I will leave the ring, giving it to someone else ^_^

I have finally got Verge 2.5 up and going, I can't believe that I completely past it over when I was looking for it on the Vergesource.com but I was tired, and it happens ^_^

I am still messing with the tutorial layout, I know I don't have alot up right now, but I want to get that done, tutorials are the core of verge, and without them, alot of us would be lost.... I want them up, and I will finish a user friendly layout even if it kills me! ^_~

Oh, and for now I think I will be keeping my Bravenet message forum, I want to switch over to the same one that the Verge Temp board uses, but I don't know if Fortune city will allow it....  *_*;

ok enough of my sites news, tSB is working extremely hard on the Win port of V1 (or so I percieved that when he said "I have been coding it for 14 hours straight") So give him a major round of applause, for he is Cool! and probably expect a WinVerge update real fast.... But that is just theory.

Oh yeah... Darkage ^_^


Ok, I killed the regular "Welcome" page, I figured that it was becoming the "News" page, so I just made it the news page ^_^  I don't know how 'welcomed' this change is, but if you liked the way it use to look, then post on the message board about it, I would really like this to become a 'Vergers' site, and not just a 'Verge' site. I noticed that I am getting pretty popular concidering that I have not yet put myself up on any link pages of any search engines. So I really want to make this something.

News will now be linked to the "Home" link, so if you are one of those wierd people that continue hitting refresh and waiting for news to happen, just keep clicking the home button, I doubt you will ever actually see the 7th sign of the apocalypse or anything on this site, but who knows, maybe one day I will get news before The Vergesource does ^_~

I uploaded all the Verge engines and updated all the .html that went with them, they now have utilities and such, and I made it all one Table instead of one table for each file (did you know that that actually takes more space.... Who'da thought) I unfortunatly did get any tutorials up yet, I am still messing with with the design that I want for it, I want it to be user friendly, but I am worried that if I tack another linker table to the one under the Silo1 photo (I hope you know what I mean) then someone will complain about being confused.... I don't see why someone would be confused, but I also don't see why someone could be confused with frames.... But there are people like that out there....

I am only keeping 1 week of news on this page at any given time, and I will make and 'archive' when one is neccessary, I just don't want this to be a 22kb frontpage... all because of the news.

OH, and I seriously couldn't find the regular Verge 2.5 engine files.... Wierd huh? I will look again for it tomarrow, I am really tired, so I might have just skipped over it.

I really really really want to get my message board going, but I am worried, because I don't know if I want to keep Bravenets message board, or use my www.yourbbs.com forum... the yourbbs forum is really hard to get going, and I really am shaky about using it because it looks odd, but it looks closer to the Verge Temp board then the bravenet one.... hmmm, if you want me to change the message board, post on the message board or email me at karmacult@silo1.com

well people, if you know some good 'pay you to link to us' programs, that do not redirect you to another page, please tell me, I would really like to get this site making some money, so I can buy my own domain, and finally not have banners and pop-ups everywhere ^_^ plus if I have my own dedicated server, I will be able to make this site twice as fast, and twice as big, with alot more files, and alot more fancy b.s. ^_^

My Darkages account is ending on the 16th, and I would also really like to continue playing that, so please please please help me, if you know an easy, user friendly way to gain money fast from this site, post it on the message board, I am not sure if I should do the whole "Get paid to surf" thing, since almost every web page out there is doing that now, and I figure your already signed up with every 'paid to surf' plan, or your just not interested. Oh, and Darkages has a 10 day free trail, and you should play it, I am not linking to it to make money, it is a very good game, and I have made alot of friends there, and I would like to see some of you there one day to ^_^ My name is KarmaCult there too :-)


Well my first day open to the public and I got one hit :-( oh well, I am still going to work my ass off, even if it is in vain, and eventualy maybe I will get some people dropping by :-)

I uploaded all the Verge versions I could find, they should all be working now, I will be working on uploading all the games next, I guess I will continue this 'tabled' look untill someone says otherwise :-)

unfortunatly Fortunecity is being wierd and for the most part my site is very slow at loading, please bare with it, this is only the start of my site, and things can only get better.

I will be looking for tutorials today, and probably loading them up onto this site later tomarrow, I figure that if someone is going to get butthurt about helping someone else, then their just stupid, and their tutorial will taken from my site :-)

I will probably upload all the starter tutorials first, they will be in the "Newbie Readers" section of the tutorials.

Yet again I beg you to take my poll, I don't have my money making links up yet, so that poll is the only way I know that I have suport from all of you.

And one more thing, have a wonderful Halloween everyone. I will be trick or treating, and then going home and getting wired off of red bull and candy, then I will play Darkages untill I can't stay up anymore :-)